This Week in Journalism, Aug. 31, 2016

A college professor once told me that to be a great journalist, you have to read great journalism.

So I read a lot of articles. Stealing an idea from one of my good friends Zoë (if you like A+ blogs, I highly suggest following hers), I am going to share some of my favorite articles that I’ve read in the last seven days.

1. “Framed” series by Christopher Goffard for The Los Angeles Times, started 8/28/16. A gripping six-part series of how a harmless PTA mom in Irvine got framed for a crime she said she didn’t commit. Think Desperate Housewives meets Gone Girl. 

2. “Insulting Colin Kaepernick says more about our patriotism than his” by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for The Washington Post, 8/30/16. The Laker legend and one of the most insightful athletes of all time defends the quarterback’s protest of the national anthem and explores what it really means to be “patriotic” in an op-ed.

3. “The American Fugitives in Havana” by Jon Lee Anderson for The New Yorker, 8/31/16. A look into the lives of American ex-pats living in Cuba. (Btw, this morning a commercial US airline touched down in Havana…the first in more than 50 years!)

4. “How Trigger Warnings Silence Religious Students” by Alan Levinovitz for The Atlantic, 8/30/16. A religious studies professor argues that the safe space movement provides a huge disservice to students and renders many crucial discussion topics as taboo. Duh.

5. “Former models for Donald Trump’s agency say they violated immigration rules and worked illegally” by James West for Mother Jones, 8/30/16. I mean the title says it all. 

Throwback bonus: The Duke in his Domain” by Truman Capote for The New Yorker, 11/9/57. Truman Capote spent some time with Marlon Brando during his work on “Sayonara” (if you can get past Capote’s mocking of the Japanese accent, it’s a great read).

Happy reading!

P.S. Look! I bought the domain! Wheeeee!


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