Long time, no blog


Oh, hello. What’s up? A lot has changed in the world since my last post, hasn’t it? First of all, Donald Trump is a thing again *groans loudly*. Hillary Clinton’s emails are still a thing. Prince and David Bowie have passed away. There have been more terrorist attacks than we can count on our fingers and far more that have not been covered by the mainstream media. More unarmed, unthreatening black suspects are being killed in America without being granted their constitutional right to due process of law. People of color are still largely underrepresented and misrepresented in entertainment world.

Graduation day! 🙂

A lot has changed in my own world, as well. I’ve graduated from Cal Poly Pomona’s Communication department (hi, COM 465 students!). I got an awesome reporting job and started working the day after graduation. I went to New York City for spring break with my best friend and got to travel to Chicago to present a research study a couple colleagues, professor and I conducted. I got a cat named Daisy who is the sweetest little nugget who ever existed. Aaaaaand I’ve furthered my understanding of the bewildering, exhausting contraption that is the human male species, but I don’t want to get into that. But probably the single most important thing that has happened in my life is that my hair parting has changed from a side part to a middle part. Monumental stuff, I know.

While I still want this to remain a blog that highlights feminism in the modern world, I’ve decided I won’t focus solely on women. Back when I started this

Daisy, born in April 2016

blog, I wanted it to be a space that highlights only women, but I realize that doing so ignores the equally noteworthy achievements of feminists of all genders. Moreover, I would like go beyond gender issues and delve more into other sectors of social structure. From now on, let’s say this is a blog that highlights modern day achievements and discusses the changes in social progression.

The title of my blog will remain solely because I love it. But it will be so much more than a lady-centric blog. Stay with me!


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